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July 16, 2006

Neural Networks in Healthcare: Potential and Challenges

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Neural Networks in Healthcare: Potential and ChallengesHealthcare costs around the globe are on the rise, creating a strong need for new ways of assisting the requirements of the healthcare system. Besides applications in other areas, neural networks have naturally found many promising applications in the health and medicine areas. Neural Networks in Healthcare: Potential and Challenges presents interesting and innovative developments from leading experts and scientists working in health, biomedicine, biomedical engineering, and computing areas.


Spyware Doctor New

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Spyware Doctor NewSpyware Doctor™ provides three-way spyware protection for your PC through real-time threat blocking, advanced system scanning and immunization against known browser infections.

Spyware Doctor is a multi-award winning spyware removal utility that detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats.

Protect your privacy and computing habits from prying eyes and virtual trespassers with the help of Spyware Doctor.



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DiskSpy.v2.0.Professional.SCSI.EditionAccess your hard disk on physical level and view or edit areas usually hidden from you.

DiskSpy enables you to view every sector of any installed hard disk drive. It is irrelevant if this sectors are bootsectors, partition tables, file system entries or simple data files. Also areas protected by the operating system are accessible, since DiskSpy is completely operating-system-independent.

Hardware Requirements

* PC 486 or higher, 4 MB RAM, VGA
* bootable floppy drive or CD-ROM
* IDE harddisk controller
* optional: SCSI controller (Pro SCSI Edition)

Professional SCSI Edition
Many computers are not using IDE harddisks, but use the more reliable and sophisiticated SCSI technology. The Professional SCSI Edition now offers support for this kind of harddisks.


July 15, 2006

HttpWatch v4.0.54

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HttpWatch v4.0.54

HttpWatch integrates with Internet Explorer to provide unrivalled levels of HTTP  monitoring without  the need for separately configured proxies or network sniffers. Simply interact with a web site and HttpWatch will display a log of requests and responses alongside the web page itself. It even shows interactions between Internet Explorer and the browser cache.


Handbook of Genetic Algorithms volumes 1 2 and 3

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Handbook of Genetic Algorithms volumes 1 2 and 3The second potential use for genetic algorithms has been less discussed, but lies
in the field of testing and fitting quantitative models. Scientific research into a
problem area can be described as an iterative process. An explanatory or
descriptive model is constructed and data are collected and used to test the model.
When discrepancies are found, the models are modified. The process is repeated
until the problem is solved, or the researcher retires, dies, runs out of funds and
interest passes on to a new problem area.

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Chinese Purple Star Astrology 1.24

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Chinese Purple Star Astrology 1.24Chinese Purple Star Astrology(Zi Wei Dou Shu, or ZiWei Astrology) describes your past, present and future in twelve life categories, such as Destiny, Wealth, Love, Career, Health, Children, Parents, etc. It can explain and predict the changing cycles around you. and points out one’s destiny, how to avoid weaknesses and potentiate strengths. Anybody can read and consult it at any time of their life. The Purple Star Astrology was documented in the Sung Dynasty (980 to 1280AD) and probably prepared by Chen Chuan. This formula centres on the Chinese concept of Ming (life or fate). It attempts to explain why one person’s Ming is so different from another’s. Why do some people have good fortune, social position, riches or long life, while some others are unlucky, suffer tragedies, are poor or die young? The Ming is controlled by your horoscope. Your Natal Chart comes with you at your birth (the time of your birth date).


July 14, 2006

Handbook of Lasers

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Handbook of LasersThe Handbook of Lasers is an extremely comprehensive and up-to-date compilation of the properties of lasers in all media. This publication contains a combination of numerical and graphical data presented in the Handbook of Laser Science and Technology along with more recent developments and presented in a concise volume. Lasers are grouped by type solid, liquid, and gas. The entries include the properties of crystalline, paramagnetic ion lasers, glass lasers, color center lasers, semi-conductor lasers and more. X-ray lasers and free electron lasers are also covered.


Answers to all TOEFL Essay Questions

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Answers to all TOEFL Essay QuestionsETS – TOEFL publishes its official list of TOEFL essay topics on its website. All essays assigned on the actual TOEFL test come from this list. This eBook has 450 sample essays with scores of 6.0. Each essay was written on one of the topics from the ETS official list. The eBook covers 100% of these topics. Each ETS TOEFL writing topic has at least one sample answer of 6.0 score in this eBook.
Students who take the Computer-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language must also compose a written essay that counts towards approximately 50% of their structure score. This eBook contains a total of 450 sample TOEFL essays, offering an intensive preparation for this part of the test.


Black Holes, Wormholes & Time Machines

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Black Holes, Wormholes & Time Machines Time is a persistent theme in Jim Al-Khalili’s account of modern physics. The book is based on a series of lectures that he gave to schoolchildren for the Institute of Physics, although it is also intended for adults. It aims to explain topics such as quantum mechanics, relativity, the big bang and black holes in a way that is accessible to the non-specialist
Mr Al-Khalili explains that time is thought to have started along with the universe in the big bang, about 15 billion years ago (for comparison, the sun is about halfway through its life of about 10 billion years). Time also has a direction: although most physical processes are reversible, there is roughly speaking a tendency (familiar to parents) for the world to become ever less organised.
However, time does not always flow at the same rate: travelling close to the speed of light or falling into a black hole slows the passage of time relative to an observer. These are complex ideas that physicists usually express in mathematical language. Mr Al-Khalili avoids mathematics, yet gives an admirably clear account of some of the concepts involved.


July 13, 2006

Handbook of Neural Networks

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Handbook of Neural NetworksA comprehensive reference book for practical engineers and researchers focusing on neural network applications on signal processing, this text concerns itself with a vast array of signals. Among included signals, readers will find information on audio, video, speech, communication, geop.


Algebra Demystified: A Self Teaching Guide

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Algebra Demystified: A Self Teaching GuideKnowing algebra gives you a better choice of jobs, helps you perform better in science, computing, and math courses, ups your score on competitive exams, and improves your ability to do daily computations. And there’s no faster or more painless way to master the subject than Algebra Demystified ! Entertaining author and experienced teacher Rhonda Huettenmueller provides all the math background you need and uses practical examples, real data, and a totally different approach to life the “myst” from algebra. With Algebra Demystified , you master algebra one simple step at a time–at your own speed. Unlike most books on the subject, general concepts are presented first–and the details follow. In order to make the process as clear and simple as possible, long computations are presented in a logical, layered progression with just one execution per step. I know this si what you search for 🙂

It makes no difference to me what a man does for a living, understand. – Don Corleone

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It makes no difference to me what a man does for a living, understand.

July 12, 2006

Google really is a verb now.

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Google really is a verb now.

Wiki about google verb:

The verb google means “to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the Internet.” For example, “Mary googled for Wikipedia references.” Compare with grep. This new word arose from the tremendous popularity of the Google search engine. The American Dialect Society chose the verb google as the “most useful word of 2002.”[citation needed] In July, 2006, the verb ‘google’ was officially added to the 11th edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary,[1] as well as to the Oxford English Dictionary.[2] … more
The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), which bills itself as “The definitive record of the English language,” added the company name as a verb in the latest round of updates, placing Google in such august company as FedEx (NYSE: FDX), TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO), and Xerox (NYSE: XRX).

While inclusion in the highly respected dictionary does prove Google’s pop-culture cachet and a certain je ne sais quoi (“I don’t know what;” added to the OED in 1656), verbing isn’t always a good thing. Just ask Xerox how it feels about its company name becoming a synonym for photocopying, a word use the company has fought tooth and nail for many years. Trademarks such as Xerox have to be defended, or they risk lapsing into the public domain… more

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Example of using: When i need a girfriend i google. 🙂

WinWAP for Windows v4.0.0.27

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WinWAP for Windows v4.0.0.27WinWAP for Windows let’s you use WAP services on your Windows PC. The WAP browser is a mobile Internet browser that allows you to use the mobile Internet services you would use on your phone’s built-in browser. WinWAP for Windows 3.2 supports the Wireless Markup Language (WML 1.3). Have a look at WinWAP for Windows 4.0 for full WAP 2.0 support (WML and xHTML-MP)

The browser looks, feels and works like your regular web browser on your Desktop or Notebook computer.

Where to use

The WinWAP browser is suitable to be used for both business and fun. In the business world it can be used to have access to the mobile services from your PC in addition to having access from your mobile phone. For developers of mobile services it is a very efficient tool for testing the services developed. If you are looking for fun, the WinWAP browser provides access to all the same services (chat, information, google etc.) that you use on your mobile phone. Some telecom operators require that you connect your mobile phone to your computer/PDA and use it as a GPRS-modem in order to get access to the telecom operator specific services.

Difference between a regular Web-browser and WinWAP

Traditional web-services are provided in HTML format, and mobile services (WAP) in WML or xHTML-MP (Mobile Profile). Traditional web browsers like MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox do not fully support the WAP format, so in order to have access to WAP pages you must have a WAP enabled browser. WinWAP is especially designed to provide a comfortable and user-friendly experience when browsing mobile content


Iceni Gemini V5.5.3.0

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Iceni Gemini V5.5.3.0Gemini quickly converts any size of PDF document into other formats enabling you to reuse the contents in other ways. Whether you wish to post a user manual on the internet, an article from a newspaper, reformat a financial report or rework an entire book, Gemini saves you time and effort.

Gemini can export the text within a PDF in a variety of formats including HTML, RTF, eBook and Palm Doc format (for Palm based PDAs). It supports all standards of PDF plus password protected documents (40 & 128 bit encryption – compatible with Acrobat 6.x).

As well as text formats, Gemini can export photos and graphics as JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PNG and BMP. You can export embedded images, render artwork or entire documents at a range of sizes, resolutions and colour depths. Using the powerful batch-export feature for example, its a simple task to generate thumbnails for each page from 100’s of documents in one operation or to convert an entire document into a multi-page Tiff.

Download | Archive Pass: forall

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