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December 12, 2006


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No-ipTired of remembering your IP address?

Use our No-IP™ Free DNS and redirection service to map a static or dynamic IP address or long URL to an easy to remember subdomain such as yourname.no-ip.com.

* Run a server on a dynamically assigned IP
* Remotely access your computer
* Industry leading dynamic DNS (DDNS)
* URL redirection / port 80 redirection
* MX records
* Support for 5 subdomains.
* For personal use
* Free Dynamic DNS update client

Try us out for free

No-IP Free is our entry level service. Use yourname.no-ip.com instead of a hard to remember IP address or URL. Additionally use our dynamic update client to keep track of your dynamic IP address. You will always be able to get to your computer even if you IP address is dynamically assigned.

No-IP Free DNS has endless uses. Remotely connect to your computer from work. Run a personal website, access your DVR, run a FTP, game, or mail server. The options are endless.
Port 80 Redirects

Many residential ISPs Block port 80, No-IP Free DNS enables you to run a webserver on a non-standard port, yet users accessing your site never have to enter a port number. For example http://yourname.no-ip.com/ can redirect to http://yourname.no-ip.com:8833/

Download: Windows | Mac | Linux/BSD/Unix

December 11, 2006

Portable Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional

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Portable Ontrack EasyRecovery ProfessionalEasyRecovery Professional data recovery software is the complete solution for your data recovery, file repair and disk diagnostic needs.
EasyRecovery Professional can recover all file types, plus it has added viewing capabilities to allow you to preview recovered files. For the most severe recovery situations, EasyRecovery Professional contains added raw recovery support for over 290 specific file types including document files, MIDI music files, voice files, digital media files, and more!


Aes Dana – Season 5 – 2003

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Aes Dana - Season 5 - 2003Track:

01 Aes Dana – Natti Natti
02 Aes Dana – Peripherics
03 Aes Dana – Season 5
04 Aes Dana – Undertow
05 Aes Dana – Gatewick (Vin)
06 Aes Dana – Dew
07 Aes Dana – Chrysalis
08 Aes Dana – Onset Data
09 Aes Dana – Forest Fishes
10 Aes Dana – Suspended Gro


Yellowcard – Lights and Sounds

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Yellowcard - Lights and SoundsTrack List:

01. Three Flights Up
02. Lights And Sounds
03. Down On My Head
04. Sure Thing Falling
05. City Of Devils
06. Rough Landing, Holly
07. Two Weeks From Twenty
08. Waiting Game
09. Martin Sheen Or JFK
10. Space Travel
11. Grey
12. Words, Hands, Hearts
13. How I Go
14. Holly Wood Died


Advanced English Dictionary for Mobiles

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Advanced English Dictionary for Mobiles Advanced English Dictionary is distinguished from the other (paper, electronic) dictionaries in many ways. Not because it contains far more words than a conventional paper dictionary, but because it uses a radically new approach and technology called WordNet. Instead of just listing the words and their definitions, Advanced English Dictionary shows how every word is linked to another. Type in the word “tree” and you will get not only the definition, synonyms and opposites, but the hypernyms (a tree is a kind of what?), meronyms (what are the parts of a tree?) and more. You can also find a list of hundreds of trees, from yellowwood to the Tree of Knowledge, and even all words that contain the letters t-r-e-e. This WordNet approach will help you to understand better the meaning of words. Linguists call WordNet project one of the biggest leaps for dictionaries since scholars sat down to write the epic Oxford English Dictionary.


The Complete Reference, J2SE 5 Edition

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The Complete Reference, J2SE 5 Edition

In this completely up-to-date volume, Herb Schildt, the world’s leading programming author, shows you everything you need to know to develop, compile, debug, and run Java applications and applets. You’ll get complete details on the Java language, its class libraries, and its development environment along with hundreds of examples and expert techniques.


December 10, 2006

Net Peeker v2.83

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Net Peeker v2.83A network monitor
* Display real time network traffic speed for each application, process and session.
* Log network traffic and security events.
* Generate network traffic statistics report, display period network usage for each application and each remote IP.
* Capture network traffic.
* “WHOIS” query on remote IP address and domain name.
* Support “Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)” to monitor Internet usage of other computers.
* Support NETBIOS file transfer, can monitor speed of local network shared file copy.

A network speed limiter
Yes! NetPeeker can limit data transfer speed for each application, remote IP address and connection, both upload and download. Now you can control the usage of your bandwidth resource freely. The unique “throttle priority” enable you giving critical application or remote site more bandwidth.

A personal firewall
* Drop invalid network packets.
* Detect and block port scan, SYN flood, DOS attack.
* Stealth mode to hide your computer from hacker.
* Application firewall which support rules on applications, IP address/port number, DNS names, protocol type, or even HTTP URL.
* Fast firewall engine which can handle thousands of rules.
* You can import firewall rules from BlueTack or Sponge which are excellent anti-spyware rule list

Popup killer
Stop those endless popup windows when you surf on the Internet. It works with all web browser.It can even kill those “flying little windows”. No change to proxy setting.


Passware Kit Enterprise v7.9

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Passware Kit Enterprise v7.9Passware Kit Enterprise recovers all kinds of lost or forgotten passwords for the world’s most popular office-application files, including Excel, Word, Windows 2003/XP/2K/NT (both local and domain-administrator accounts), Lotus Notes, RAR, WinZip, Access, Outlook, Acrobat, Quicken, QuickBooks, WordPerfect, and VBA. All versions of MS Office are supported, including the most recent Office 2003.

Passware Kit can recover passwords for opening applications, for write reservations, and for workbooks, worksheets, templates, documents, personal folders and files, form designs, databases, and user accounts. The Lotus Notes Key module recovers passwords for Lotus Notes user ID files. The ZIP password-recovery module decrypts most WinZip archives in less than an hour with the new SureZip recovery.


December 9, 2006

MusicMatch Jukebox Plus 10.00.4040

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MusicMatch Jukebox Plus 10.00.4040MusicMatch Jukebox lets you record, organize, and play digital music. Lets you record your favorite songs from your CDs to high quality digital music files, stream music from the Net to your MusicMatch player, download music online and organize your digital music into a powerful Music Library on your PC. Gives you high fidelity, high quality and high speed you won’t find in any other jukebox software.

What’s New in Musicmatch Jukebox 10.0 :

– Burn, baby burn

Burner Plus is the ultimate solution for creating MP3 and audio CDs. Burn at speeds of up to 48x*. Drag and drop tracks from your Music Library, playlist or any Windows Explorer window. Keep track of free space on your CDs and fill them to the max with the easy-to-read capacity meter, or evenly divide an unlimited number of tracks among multiple discs with SmartSplit. It’s faster, easier and more powerful than any CD burner you’ve ever used.

– Rip like a Rock Star

Unlock ripping/recording speeds of up to 40x* (8 times faster than with the free Jukebox) and get cleaner, crisper, richer sound at a fraction of the file size with mp3PRO encoding. (‘Ripping’ means recording your CDs and encoding them into MP3 or other digital files.)

– 411 for music lovers

Jukebox Plus comes with one year of Super Tagging technology which automatically adds artist, album and song information to all of your tracks with just a few clicks. You can also rename files with ease, so all your music is labeled in one format. Super Tagging is only available with Jukebox Plus.

– Make your mark

Your music can look as good as it sounds. Create full-color custom jewel case covers and inserts with CD cover art, up to 150 track titles and personal notes. You can also add text, graphics and album covers to CD labels and choose from a selection of border graphics to make your custom CD complete.


DU Meter 3.50.2822

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DU Meter 3.50.2822Meter?

DU Meter is an award winning utility from Hagel Technologies that provides an accurate account of the data which is flowing through your computer’s network connection at any given moment. This readout is presented in both numerical and graphical format, in real time. DU Meter includes extensive logging facility, flexible events system, and more. It supports Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 and XP! DU Meter works with virtually all types of network connections: phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN, satellite, and more.


Why should you use DU Meter?

There are many reasons why you might want to monitor your network activity. Watching your data transfer rates can be very enlightening as you download a web page, email, or a software application. This will give you a much better idea of how long the operation will take. It will also let you know how efficient your Internet connection is. And it can alert you of dangerous or unexpected network activity.

If you are trying to improve your performance over the Internet and you are going to spend some time optimizing your configuration for maximum download speeds, it’s critical that you accurately monitor your download speeds or data transfer rates so you can compare them at various settings.


Salon Styler Pro

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Salon Styler ProA powerful hairstyle imaging software for professional use in beauty salons, hairstyling schools, and by makeup artists and cosmetic surgeons. In a digital makeover session you can quickly fit your clients with hairstyles from Salon Styler’s database of 1,000s of hairstyle choices. Plus, you can apply makeup from the most popular seasonal color pallets and much more.

Download: Part 1 | Part 2

Desktoplet v1.0

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Desktoplet v1.0Desktoplet™ is a small icon in the Windows taskbar that you can use for quick access to the icons you have on your desktop. When you click the Desktoplet icon, it shows a miniature version of your desktop in a small window, floating above all other windows that you may have open. You can click the icons on the desktoplet to launch programs or open files located on your desktop. It saves your time!

Assembly Language Step-by-step: Programming with DOS and Linux

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Assembly Language Step-by-step: Programming with DOS and LinuxBegins with the most fundamental, plain-English concepts and everyday analogies progressing to very sophisticated assembly principles and practices. Examples are based on the 8086/8088 chips but all code is usable with the entire Intel 80X86 family of microprocessors. Covers both TASM and MASM. Gives readers the foundation necessary to create their own executable assembly language programs.


December 8, 2006

Cistone Media Burner 2.4.1

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Cistone Media Burner 2.4.1Cistone Media Burner 2.4.1

** Powerful CD/DVD burning engine.
** Beautiful UI skin and easy to use.
** Small setup file to download fast.
** Full drag and drop support.
** Embeded windows explorer.
** Create ISO/UDF image files.
** Burn data files to CD/DVD.
** Burn MP3 and WMA to CD/DVD.
** Burn DVD-Video files to DVD movie.
** Burn image files to CD/DVD.
** Backup CD/DVD to image files.
** Convert WAV/MP3/WMA to Audio CD.
** Rip WAV/MP3/WMA from Audio CD.
** Quick or Full erase rewritable CD/DVD.
** Real 1:1 perfectly clone any CD/DVD.


Cd Lock 1.2.1

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Cd Lock 1.2.1Hassle-free security
CD-Lock secures your removable media by scrambling the filenames and encrypting all the files with Blowfish. Yet, just enter the password when the CD is inserted into any computer running Win2000 or XP and you can instantly use the files as you always have¹ – without the need to decrypt them first.

Transparent Encryption tm
CD-Lock decrypts the files and unscrambles the names quickly and transparently, behind the scenes, so you don’t have to. This allows anyone to keep their CD data secure but to effortlessly access their files instantly just by entering their password when the CD is inserted.

Works great on most removable media!
CD-Lock works great on floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, etc…


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