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October 28, 2006

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and the Brain

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Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and the BrainContents
1. Mechanisms of Action of Caffeine on the Nervous System
2. Effects of Caffeine on Sleep and Wakefulness: An Update
3. Arousal and Behavior: Biopsychological Effects of Caffeine
4. Coffee, Caffeine and Cognitive Performance
5. Effects of Coffee and Caffeine on Mood and Mood Disorders
6. Age-related Changes in the Effects of Coffee on Memory and Cognitive Performance
7. Neurodevelopmental Consequences of Coffee/Caffeine Exposure
8. Caffeine Effects on the Human Stress Axis
9. Dependence Upon Coffee and Caffeine: An Update
10. Caffeine and Parkinson’s Disease
11. Caffeine in Ischemia and Seizures: Paradoxical Effects of Long-term Exposure
12. Caffeine and Headache: Relationship with the Effects of Caffeine on Cerebral Blood Flow
13. Effects of Non-caffeine Constituents in Roasted Coffee on the Brain
14. Can Tea Consumption Protect Against Stroke?
15. The Biology and Psychology of Chocolate Craving
16. Is There a Relationship between Chocolate Consumption and Headache?

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