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November 28, 2006


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http://aycu17.webshots.com/image/7416/2002258095549749362_rs.jpgBackup of Your Data
Berlin, November 22, 2006 – With O&O DiskImage, O&O Software has developed a new solution in the field of data backup and security in Windows.
Traditional backup solutions can only backup individual files and folders, leaving out the entire system structure of a Windows PC.
For this reason, such backups do not do much good in the event of a total system crash because, despite the backed up data, Windows will still not be able to start up.
For this reason, O&O DiskImage goes the extra mile and creates an exact copy, a disk image, of the entire Windows system.
In the event of a system failure or data loss, it is then possible to restore a created image to the original storage volume, letting users get back to work with their entire system completely intact.
The newly restored storage volume looks and feels the same, containing exactly the same data as were present at the time of the backup.

One unique specialty of O&O DiskImage is its ability to restore data onto an affected system without any previous installation of the software itself. This O&O BareMetal Technology is available with the CD-ROM-based version of O&O DiskImage.
Using a bootable CD based on Windows PE technology, users can comfortably select a stored disk image and restore it to a volume of choice even when the system will not start up.
O&O DiskImage also can write imaged data to a writable CD or DVD. This makes it possible to create multiple image versions and store them separately from the PC for added security, or transport them to another PC.
Files can also be compressed by O&O DiskImage during the imaging process, saving valuable disk space.
For increased security, this software also makes possible the encryption of imaged data according to guidelines set down by the internationally recognized AES (128 to 256-bit).
Full and incremental images can also be mounted for easy viewing direct from the Windows Explorer.
Using this feature, users can then access individual files or folders contained in the backup image, without having to restore the entire image itself.

Important O&O DiskImage Features:
– Sector based imaging of all drive data.
– Incremental imaging of all drive data.
– Support of dynamic drives, GPT disks and RAID.
– Compression and encryption (up to 256-bit).
– Easy splitting of image files (automatic or user-defined) for convenient storage on multiple CDs or DVD’s.
– Images can be mounted as drives.
– Context menu support in the Windows Explorer.
– Native 64-bit and multi-processor support.
– Exclusion of files/file groups and folders possible.
– Easy creation and management of custom image profiles.
– BareMetal Option available in the CD-based version of O&O DiskImage allowing for use of software with no prior installation.

Download 64bit| Download 32bit

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