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February 23, 2006

CryptCD v5.0

Filed under: Utilities — zombi @ 12:02 am

CryptCD v5.0The files you put on a CryptCD are not simply encrypted. They are strategically packed in to .dat files (with multiple files per .dat so you cannt tell where one file starts and the others begin making it very difficult to decrypt even if you could unpack them). When you view/run files from a CryptCD that file is copied and decrypted to your system temp directory while you work with it. When your done with that file it is automatically deleted from the drive (multiple files can remain open at once).
Creates a password protected encrypted CD/DVD image, burn, Add files, configure a decoy setup screen so others think its just another install CD. Run/view files right off the CD! decrpyted and run transparently – files removed automatically after your finished viewing them! Safe, portable way of backing up your private data… works on hard drive if you have no CD burner too
Креира ?о лозинка заштитени енкриптирани CD/DVD.Податоците кои ?е ?нимаат на ЦДто не ?е криптираат едно?тавно. Дие ?трате?ки ?е пакуваат во da. датотеки. Кога разгледуваш/?татуваш некоја програма од цд-то, CryptCD го копира на хард ди?к го декриптира во теморарен директориум додека вие работите ?о апликацијата, а пода автомат?ки го брише од драјвот.


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