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June 24, 2007

error for Generic Host Process for WIN32

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So here we are again: The problem is some how solved but m’i happy no because i don’t have real solution and i don’t know what was really wrong and why the windows act like that, so if somebody experiencing the same problem and have real solution please, or if you dont  have solution and you still searching than post here we will suffer together :). So like i mentioned now windows is ok, i don’t receive generic host process error message, sound is here and for now firefox or any other application is not crashed so here what i do:

I uninstall Internet explorer 7 and all fixex for Ie, because that was the last update that i made !, but after booting up windows i receive  information about windows registry restore successfully and after that i was suspicious  and start to read on Microsoft page about this problem or problem win svchost.exe, and after reading i install this fixes from  Microsoft:


after long reading on the forums i found this program and some claim that they close the rpc 445 and they dont have problems so you can download here and try it, the site is http://www.firewallleaktester.com you can chack for new versions.

I read that this kind of problam may be  a spyware or trojan masked like a svchost.exe so you can download some trojan or spyware remover, some example here, now i im downloading  trial  for true sword, and spy sweaper so i will see results.

some microsoft references:


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