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January 19, 2008

Google talk & Foobar2000 & AIMP2

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Google talk & Foobar2000With Gtalk you can’t use “Show current music track” if you are user of foobar2000. becouse At present it works for iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and Yahoo Music Engine. But alas it doesn’t work with foobar2000.

Here is a procedure how to fix this:

1. Download foobar2000 foo_winamp_spam plugin : here origin page:here and extract foo_winamp_spam.dll to the foobar2000\components directory.

2. Create an empty file in your foobar2000 directory (e.g. c:\Program Files\foobar2000) called winamp.m3u.

3. Apply this or this registry file by double-clicking on it and selecting Yes. (Note: If you installed foobar2000 to a directory other than c:\Program Files\foobar2000, you will have to open this .reg file and edit the path within to point to your foobar2000 installation directory.)

4. Now start Google Talk and change your status to “Show current music track” and also play some music in foobar2000.

PS: because foo_winamp_spam plugin is small subset of the full Winamp API , also you can use this plugin to have same effect with gtalk and AIMP2 player, so download plugin, extract in PlugIns directory in AIMP2 directory and also create in the AIMP2 directory  empty file winamp.m3u.
And be happy 🙂


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