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September 25, 2009

P4i65G ASROCK ZTE MF626 3G modem usb problem

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When connecting ZTE MF626 3g usb modem to this motherboard the computer losing power and is automatically shut down. if you manege some how to start the computer with attached modem and you succeed to start application at the moment when the connection is established you lose your mouse so you can’t control your mouse no mater what kind of mouse is PS2 or USB, also may stop working some other usb devices.

To fix this problem all you need is to change state to the jumper on a motherboard. It the closest jumper to the your LPT port on the motherboard it says : PS2_USB_PWR1, also this jumper is close to your PS2 port. This Jumper have 3 pins so you need to “SHORT” or place jumper cap on pin1 and pin2 by this you will disable +5VSB (standby) and with this you will fix your problem, and unplanned shutting down of your system when you connect your 3g modem, also after establish connection to the internet your mouse will functioning normal.

This replacement of jumper cap also can solve other usb problems that you may have like: when you use all 6 usb ports at same time with different devices. Sometime using all 6 port’s can make your computer incidentally to shut down.

Tested and work on P4i65G ASROCK with ZTE MF626 3G modem, Nuneworld.net is not responsible for any damage that may cause by following this manual, you are responsible for any actions you will take on your motherboard/computer so good luck.

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