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July 24, 2009

Ricoh Caplio R1- error code 00-00-00-30-00-28

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Ricoh Caplio R1- error code 00-00-00-30-00-28

Every thing is working normally (you can see pictures, delete, format card, change date time) but your focus is stuck and can’t move the lenses or your zoom in zoom out button is not functioning.

The focus is stuck and your camera can’t move the lenses and give blue screen with error code 00-00-00-30-00-28.  Reason why this happen is usually bad batteries.  If your camera is not power off properly (because your batteries are discharged) when you insert new batteries fully charged the camera will instantly try to zoom in or zoom out to adjust focus (depend on where your camera stopped to work) and sometimes when this happens focus is extended (or gathered in) beyond the margins of the planed path of the focus. Now focus of your camera it’s not in normal position and it’s stuck, can’t go back and normalize the focus and give error.  All you should do is to give a little help to the focus to move to a normal position where it can operate. if your Ricoh Caplio focus is extended just push back very very gently to back to normal position and after that every thing will be working fine. If your focus is gathered in try to pull out very very gently. That’s all, but remmember NuneWorld is not responsible if you make some damage to your camera if you are not so sure what you are doing probably best solution is visit service 🙂

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